An original gift for your significant other

Anniversary coming up and you’re all out of ideas? It’s hard to surprise your soulmate but it’s definitely worth the hassle. Say goodbye to flowers and chocolate, we’re trying to think out of the box.

Here’s a few ideas so you can surprise your lover with the perfect gift. It’s these kind of actions that can save you a lot of arguments in the future…guaranteed!

Surprise them with a picnic

I’m sure you’ve seen a romantic chick flick in which the couple is enjoying a romantic picnic, watching the sunset in between the pines and your SO said something like: aww… I want that. Tadaaa! Time to make it happen.

Imagine the situation: you meet up on a random day to do some sightseeing in the Retiro park and, all of a sudden, you find a picnic already set up… they’ll never see it coming.

Pick the perfect location

Madrid is full of amazing locations for the perfect picnic but we don’t want this to be an impersonal affair. I’m sure you guys have some place that’s relevant in your history as a couple like the park where you first kissed or where you met.

Or their favorite spot in Madrid to view the city from above or to watch the sun go down. The more intimate, the better. That way you can enjoy a nice, romantic evening with your lover.

Attention to details

A great picnic isn’t just food and drinks, it should also have a fair share of romance. Flowers, stuffed animals, handwritten love letter… that helps set the tone for the evening and score you some extra points. A surprise with more surprises within…who wouldn’t want that?

Open up your heart…

If you’re thinking about asking the big question or establishing yourselves as an actual couple, this could be the perfect setting. If it’s not in your most immediate plans you can always use the occasion to let your feelings show. Remember that the best things in life come free and knowing how someone feels about you is as good as it gets.

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