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Why picnics are the best group activity

picnics for friends

September is upon us and that usually means new beginnings in school, at work or in our sports of choice. Meeting new people at college, the workplace or soccer practice may be overwhelming at times. The groups we form in these settings usually involves sharing goals, space and time with other people in the long […]

An original gift for your significant other

picnic gourmet madrid

Anniversary coming up and you’re all out of ideas? It’s hard to surprise your soulmate but it’s definitely worth the hassle. Say goodbye to flowers and chocolate, we’re trying to think out of the box. Here’s a few ideas so you can surprise your lover with the perfect gift. It’s these kind of actions that […]

How to organize the best picnic

Picnics are always “in”. Sharing food and drinks with our loved ones in a wonderful landscape can’t go wrong. But you can always strive for more and, to do that, we need to take care of the little details. Choose the right location Good sights aren’t the only thing to keep in mind when choosing […]

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