We’re back!

Picnic Madrid is facing a new season in 2019

Guess who’s back again? This year called for some changes and after four years captaind by David and Álvaro, the picnic-madrid business faces a new challenge with two new partners: Cristian and Carlos, who joined the project to continue to grow and carry on with the dream.

The vision that pushed Álvaro and David to build all this is shared by both Cristian and Carlos. Picnic-madrid is a gamechanger for leisure activities. After four years of hard work, taking good care of the client and finding the best products to enjoy in one of many parks in Madrid, we’ve managed to top the list of picnic services in the capital.

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Why start a blog? Well, because Google is boss and knows what’s best. If Google deems our content of high-quality we’ll continue to grow as a business so, here we go!

4 things you probably didn’t know about picnics:

  • The word picnic comes from the French expression pique-nique which is pique (snack) and nique (a term from the 18th century meaning “of little value”) combined.
  • During the 18th century the word arrived in England as picnic. In 1748 it is said that the Count of Chesterfield Philip Stanhope used it first in a letter. In 1800 the word settled in the English language and went on to travel to other countries from there.
  • According to the French, the perfect Picnic should have wine, cheese and bread. In our opinion, it should also have serrano ham, salad, Spanish omelette, some cold cuts, hummus, olives, homemade wraps, sweets… you know, the best elements of the Mediterranean Diet.
  • June 18th is International Picnic Day! In Picnic-madrid.com we love celebrating such a special occasion. Stay tuned to our social networks for more updates.

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