Why picnics are the best group activity

picnics for friends

September is upon us and that usually means new beginnings in school, at work or in our sports of choice. Meeting new people at college, the workplace or soccer practice may be overwhelming at times.

The groups we form in these settings usually involves sharing goals, space and time with other people in the long run. That’s why it’s so important to dedicate some time and effort to team building. If we want our relationships to be pleasant and useful we’ll have to find a way to make it work.

Picnics are the ultimate icebreaker

If you’re a coordinator for a group of individuals or you’re one of its members and you want to get the ball rolling, here’s an idea to help you set the tone for the year: organize a picnic!

This activity can be incredibly useful for team building due to several reasons:

  1. Outdoor activity. Taking the group out of the usual context is highly recommended. A well-organized outdoor picnic can help creating a relaxed environment to facilitate communication between group members.

  2. Eating with others is a basic social activity. It’s not by chance that leisure in Spain is highly food-centered. We have one of the best gastronomies at an international level and eating is usually something we all love and enjoy.

  3. The perfect excuse to work on group dynamics. There are several activities that help group members learn more about each other, learn to cooperate and how to communicate. All these abilities are very important in group settings.

  4. Ideal for groups of any size. It doesn’t matter how big or small the group is, picnics can adjust to all of them. Also, picnics are more versatile and since they’re organized in advance that makes it easier to adjust the menu to intolerances, food allergies or any preference the group members have.

Consult us for more information

If you’re looking for outdoor group activities with your classmates, co-workers or teammates to get to know each other better, picnics are a great option. Ask for more information regarding group menus and we’ll adapt to your needs.

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