Product knowledge and quality

Carlos Cebrian and Cristian Hoyas are the current directors of the startup Their cumulative experience at the head of several marketing-related businesses and gastronomic events in Madrid they know the value of quality product, quantity and the importance of connecting with the client as a human being. Our biggest concern has always been to fully satisfy our clients. Word of mouth is important when building a name for ourselves so we make sure to spread our insurmountable passion towards client service so our clients express their satisfaction with the organization, quality and results of our products.

That’s how is growing as a new leisure model in the capital city, providing the client with several urban picnics or amazing gastronomic experiences in the best parks and gardens in Madrid.

Following an exhaustive market study, we’ve selected only the best local products that adapt to the current economy of our clients, so we can offer everything at an excellent price. Also, we purchase most of the products at early stages of the elaboration process to guarantee fresh and high-quality foods at a competitive price.

We provide unique outdoor experiences according to the preferences of our clients, focusing on bringing Spanish products to those who don’t know much about it or just want to experience it in an original way.

We consider ourselves ambassadors of Spanish cuisine and that’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the products you still don’t know. You choose and we prepare everything so that you can enjoy the location, the food and the company. Once you make your choice, we contact you to confirm date and location so we can meet up. Every basket is filled with all necessary items for the picnic, ranging from the blanket and cutlery to the drinks and products you’ve selected.