The picnic: the ideal plan for groups

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With the arrival of September, there are many new beginnings in the academic sector (at school, high school or university), in the work context (new job, new colleagues, etc.) and even in the sports area (change of category, joining a new team, etc.).

This usually means that we will share objectives, space and time with other people for a period of time.. That is why it is very important to to dedicate efforts to make a group to enjoy these circumstances as much as possible. We are social beings and we depend on these interactions to be pleasant and fruitful.

How to break the ice?

If you are the coordinator of one of these groups or you are simply one of its members and you have a lot of initiative, here is an idea for you to help break the ice: have a picnic! here's an idea for you to help break the ice: have a picnic!

This activity will be very useful for team building for several reasons. several reasons:

  1. It is done outdoors. Taking the group out of the usual context is always positive. A good picnic in the open air will serve to relax the atmosphere and encourage communication among colleagues.

  2. Eating in a group is the basic social activity. In Spain, leisure usually revolves around food and it is not by chance. We have one of the best gastronomies at international level and it is something that, as a rule, we all tend to like.

  3. The perfect excuse for group dynamics. There are several activities that can be developed for the group to get to know each other, start working as a team and learn to communicate. All of these skills have great transferability in the academic, work and sports context. What better place to try them out than at an informal picnic?

  4. Suitable for groups of all sizes. No matter if the group is very large or smaller, the picnic can be adapted to everyone. In addition, the picnic has more versatility and when organized in advance gives more facilities to respect the intolerances, allergies or food preferences of each diner.

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If you are looking for outdoor plans for your class group, coworkers class group, your co-workers or your sports team to get to know each other get to know each other bettera picnic is the best option. Check our menus for groups and we will adapt to your needs.