How to make a picnic for groups in a park in Madrid?


Ideas and permits to have a picnic anywhere in Madrid

With the arrival of good weather, nothing is more attractive than enjoying the outdoors and the radiant sun of Madrid. Gone are those indoor plans and start to take force plans outside the interiors. It is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities and make the most of the natural spaces offered by the city. And of course, among the most charming and popular options is to organize a picnic.

Getting together with friends, family, or co-workers amidst the multitude of lush parks and gardens in the capital such as the Retiro Park or the Parque de las Siete Tetas, while savoring a delicious meal outdoors, becomes the ideal plan to enjoy the sunny days. However, before preparing the picnic basket and spreading the blanket on the lawn, it is important to know the ideas and permits needed to ensure a pleasant and respectful experience both with natural spaces and local regulations.

Tips for a picnic for groups in Madrid

First of all, it is important to be clear about the main recommendations you have to take to make your group picnic perfect. And yes, we are talking about the food, one of the fundamental parts, since without food... the rest doesn't make much sense!

Make sure to keep food safe and fresh during your picnic by following these recommendations we have prepared:

  • Airtight containers. Use airtight containers such as tuppers or airtight bags to avoid contact between foods and protect them from dust and contamination.
  • Non-perishable foods. Some foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, highly cured cheeses, preserves and products with specific labeling do not require refrigeration and can be transported without problem.
  • Foods that require refrigeration. For meats, cold cuts, fish and salads, which need to be kept cold, use coolers and cover them with ice in sufficient quantity to prevent them from deteriorating or going bad.
  • Caution with cooked food. If you bring cooked food or buy hot food to eat later, refrigerate it at home before putting it in the cooler with ice.
  • Do not partially cook food. Avoid partially cooking food at home, as bacteria can survive and multiply. In particular, do not carry uncooked tortillas, which is one of the biggest mistakes people make.
  • Limit the opening of coolers. Open coolers only when necessary and keep them closed for as little time as possible to preserve the cold. Consider storing beverages in a separate cooler, as it tends to be opened more frequently.

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Precautions and permits for picnics in Madrid

As we have said before, there are many places in Madrid where you can have a picnic for groups, such as public parks (where we will now tell you the types of restrictions there are), but there are also other less common possibilities where to have a picnic as in terraces and rooftops of Madrid, as some hotels or restaurants offer this possibility; or even in popular recreational and natural areas such as the Dehesa de la Villa or the Sierra de Guadarrama.

But focusing on outdoor picnics, Madrid offers numerous opportunities to enjoy them. However, it is important to take into account regulations and permits to ensure a pleasant and respectful experience for both visitors and the different natural areas of the city.


Limitations and conditions for picnics in Madrid's parks

According to the Ordinance for the Protection of the Urban Environment, picnics are allowed on park lawns, as long as they do not take place in ornamental areas. These areas are clearly marked, so there should be no complications in distinguishing them.

The only condition for walking on the landscaped areas (other than ornamental) is that they are kept clean. This implies the responsibility to collect all waste generated during the picnic. Therefore, we could summarize the rules in three:

1. Respect local rules. It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each park and public area where you plan to picnic. These rules are designed to preserve nature and ensure the safety of all visitors.

2. Clean up and pick up debris. It is essential to leave the picnic area as clean as you found it. Be sure to bring garbage bags and pick up all the waste generated during the picnic. You will be helping to maintain the natural beauty of Madrid and protect the environment.

3. Respect the flora and fauna. Avoid damaging the surrounding vegetation and fauna. Do not pluck flowers or damage trees. But most importantly, do not leave food or objects that may be harmful to the animals.


We organize your group picnic without worries

We understand that organizing a perfect group picnic involves taking into account multiple factors, such as permits (if necessary), restrictions and possible logistical problems that we all face when bringing food and drink to the desired location, especially when you have to bring a large quantity. That's why Picnic-Madrid takes care of everything so you can enjoy your group picnic outdoors without worries.

Our team takes care of all aspects related to the organization of your group picnic. We take care of obtaining the necessary permits from the corresponding authorities, ensuring that your event takes place within the legal framework and respecting the regulations in force in each area.

In addition, we manage all the specific restrictions and regulations of the different places where you want to organize your picnic. We know in depth the requirements of the parks, gardens and natural spaces in Madrid, guaranteeing that your event will be carried out properly and without problems.

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We also take care of the logistical aspects, such as the transportation of the food, making sure that it arrives in perfect conditions to the place of your choice. We have portable coolers and adequate refrigeration systems to keep food fresh and safe.

At Picnic-Madrid we are proud to be a company committed to environmental sustainability by being 100% plastic-free. In line with our commitment, we opt instead for eco-friendly materials such as cardboard and wood for our containers and utensils. In this way, we ensure that every picnic we organize is environmentally friendly, avoiding the generation of unnecessary plastic waste. We strongly believe in the importance of preserving natural resources and are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future through our actions.


Our goal is to give you the opportunity to enjoy a group picnic without having to deal with red tape, restrictions and possible logistical inconveniences. Let us take care of all the details so that you can relax and enjoy a special moment outdoors. Also, if you want to surprise your friends or office colleagues, you can always give them a picnic, which we can also take care of.

Contact us and let us make your ideal group picnic come true, hassle-free and worry-free, your only task will be to enjoy the delicious food and have a wonderful day!

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