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Three types of picnics are perfect for a surprise: romantic, classic and gourmet. There is also a picnic for large groups, birthdays and farewell parties.

4 places to have a picnic in El Retiro

picnic crystal palace

Si nos dirigimos al gran parque de El Retiro, situado en el centro de Madrid, podremos encontrarnos con zonas perfectas para disfrutar de un maravilloso día de picnic en El Retiro con tu pareja, familia o amigos. Este, también denominado parque del Buen Retiro fue construido en la primera mitad del siglo XVII. Este hermoso […]

Picnics for events

picnic lunch for groups

Hire a company to make your picnic in Madrid You have an event in sight, and, surely, when it comes to replenish forces, it will be the same as always. Yes, a super busy catering, with healthy options for those attendees who take care of themselves, and standing around high tables because they say it invites you to [...]

New picnic season 2020

romantic picnic

Two reasons why you should give a picnic for Valentine's Day We are not crazy! The cold still reigns in Madrid, but that's nothing that can stop any self-respecting picnic-lover, especially when one of the most special dates of the year, Valentine's Day, is approaching. This year we open the season with [...]

How to make a good picnic

picnic flowers at the retreat

The picnic is one of those plans that works every time. Surrounding yourself with loved ones in the open air to eat and drink with good views, it can't go wrong. But things can always be improved and, for that, we have to take into account some details that we tell you below. Choose a suitable venue Don't [...]

We are here

debod temple picnic

Picnic Madrid goes for its 2019 season Well, here we are for another year! This year we bring new changes, after more than four years of work of David and Álvaro, the company picnic-madrid faces a new route with two new partners: Cristian and Carlos, who join the project to continue growing and that will [...]

New Gourmet Tasting Picnic


A Gourmet Picnic to enjoy in Madrid Finally we have here the most important novelty of this season, our new Gourmet Picnic Tasting. Conceived for those who want to taste a representation of the best local and international products. The Picnic includes a tray of Iberian pork loin, ham, chorizo and salchichón to enjoy [...]